West Wind Inn on Sanibel devotes a lot of its blog space to arts and nature events. This weekend, the nature of the art is basketball as our local Florida Gulf Coast University meets the University of Florida in the next round of the Sweet Sixteen NCAA tournament. (Coincidentally, it’s the Eagles vs. the Gators. Does it get any more “natural” than that?)

So, Friday night, we venture that every TV in every room at the West Wind Inn will be tuned to the game. FGCU is the Cinderella story of the tournament. You don’t have to be an FGCU fan to be turned on by their play and possibilities. (We admit to a little bias toward the hometown team, but not so much as to be testy about it.)

If you are not privileged to have a West Wind Inn room reservation for Friday night where you can go to watch the game after a day of Sanibel beachcombing, there are plenty of Sanibel-Captiva restaurants and pubs that will be offering TV to their patrons. Join us all in spirit if not in person! Cheer for Eagles or Gators – no one in Florida loses on this one!